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Mechanism of Action9

2-in-1 action – Immediate filling

  • CMC gel provides the immediate filling & wrinkle correction
  • Long-lasting volumisation through collagen stimulation
  • PCL microspheres stimulate neocollagenesis

ELLANSÉ®: A tailor-made bioresorbable collagen stimulator8



  1. Polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres
  2. PCL microspheres homogenously suspended in a  PBS*-based carboxymethly-cellulose CMC gel-carrier

* Phosphate Buffered Saline

ELLANSÉ® unique advantages

Maintained correction for the duration of effect after a single injection

Different levels of duration depending on patients’ needs.

Resorbable treatment with a predictable, controlled and tunable bioresorption and a high safety profile.

PCL has an established safety profile and has been used in bioresorbable implants (sutures and orthopedic implants dermal fillers, oral and maxillo-facial surgery) for several decades worldwide

PCL is used in numerous European and US approved bioresorbable products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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