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How to choose a dermal filler?

Sep 10,2019

When considering an aesthetic procedure, it is always important to consider the following points:

  1. Is the product going to deliver the wanted results?
  2. Choose a high-quality product standard
  3. Choose a trusted and well trained practitioner

Cosmetic facial fillers are rapidly growing in demand, driven by celebrities and digital influencers. Before choosing this type of aesthetic treatment, it is important to understand the indications and which kind of filler is most suitable. Are the final results that you are looking for achievable with these fillers? Fillers are ideal for restoring lost volume and for filling in wrinkles.

There are two families of fillers; absorbable and non-absorbable (permanent). Non-absorbable or permanent fillers are made of substances that do not degrade naturally, such as methacrylate. As ageing is a dynamic process, the filler lacks the ability to adjust to facial changes and can become shapeless. Absorbable treatments are the primary group of fillers growing, due to their versatility, safety and results.

Within the group of absorbable fillers, they can be split further into hyaluronic acid and collagen-stimulating fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers are mainly indicated to volumise areas of the face. Collagen stimulating fillers are different, as they are designed to promote the stimulation of collagen production, as well as offering volumisation.

ELLANSÉ® is a unique, long-lasting rejuvenating filler that offers a dual action result. ELLANSÉ provides immediate volume correction, contours and facial definitions, but also stimulation of collagen production for longer lasting results. ELLANSÉ is made from PolyCaproLactone, which provides tuneable longevity; over 1 year to 3 years* (-S, -M, -L subtypes), and the appearance of collagen type-I fibres three months following treatment.

*Expected longevity in-vivo based extrapolation of clinical data from -S and -M accepted PCL degradation behaviour


ELLANSÉ Intended Uses:

ELLANSÉ is an injectable implant, indicated for subdermal implantation in the face for the lasting correction of wrinkles and facial aging signs or conditions, or for subdermal implantation in the dorsal superficial lamina of the hands, for hands rejuvenation.



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