Restoring youth and enhancing form

By Dr Francisco De Melo

Today, we understand more about the ageing process than ever before, and the latest scientific evidence gives us unique insight and new ways in which to manage this natural transition.

Hear from Dr Francisco

The structural elements

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists and cosmetic physicians around the world are using techniques to slow down or reverse some of the effects of time. In this respect, we focus on structural elements - which is mainly centred on volume.

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Restoring Youth

The Importance of Volume

As we age, we lose volume due to atrophy of bone and fat. This, in turn, leaves the face looking older, with the bone structure becoming more prominent and skeletal. Skin starts to sag, and the folds around the nose and mouth become deeper. However, once we replace this loss of volume, these effects are partially - or almost wholly - corrected, depending on other individual factors.
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A New Class of Filler

The majority of fillers on the market are hyaluronic acid-based, which means they just replace volume without effective long-term results. ELLANSÉ belongs to a new class of fillers that deliver immediate results (thanks to their volumising capacity), as well as longer-term benefits from the formation of new collagen (through a process called neocollagenesis).
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Collagen and volume

This newly-formed collagen increases volume for a long period of time. In my experience, it also improves the soft tissue and skin quality and elasticity, without feeling fake or like a foreign element to the body. Furthermore, due to the qualities of the Polycaprolactone (PLC) microspheres, ELLANSÉ has adjustable longevity, thereby ensuring clinical results that last from 18 months to 3 years.*
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Better Balance

Another valuable characteristic of ELLANSÉ is that it also allows us to change the proportion and shape of certain facial features. We can create a more balanced face - a more desirable ratio between the features and its overall structure - while avoiding more invasive procedures like the surgical placement of cheek or chin implants.
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Safety and Satisfaction

Speaking personally, and on behalf of my patients, the filler’s safety profile is the most crucial element. So I’m pleased to say that ELLANSÉ has an excellent safety record, with minimal adverse effects reported to date. ELLANSÉ is my filler of choice because it allows me to offer safe treatments, consistently deliver excellent and long-lasting results, and ensure exceptional patient satisfaction.
Model is not an actual patient.
We can create a more balanced face - a more desirable ratio between the features and its overall structure.